Package org.gswing.utils.xml

Package contains gswing xml utilities.


Class Summary
XmlReader Purpose: Generic XML reader.
XmlWriter Purpose: Generic XML writer.
XNode This is the data structure for xml data tree Fields : String tagName - The name of the current tag (node) String text - The text contained in the node (node value) Properties attributes - the attributes of the tag as Properties You can get the attribute names and values by accessing the properties keys and values.
XParser Class containing methods to convert dom document to a tree of XNodes (see class XNode) Sequence - XParser xp=new XParser(); xp.initDoc(xmlFileName); XNode xn=xp.xmlToXNode(); and you have an XNode which is actually the root of a tree of XNodes.

Package org.gswing.utils.xml Description

Package contains gswing xml utilities.

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