Interface IGuiComponent

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About, AddElectionGui, CandidateSelector, DbAccessGui, DbUpgrader, Exporter, GuiComponent, Importer, InsertCandidate, Inserter, InsertParty, InsertPartyLeader, ListDisplay, MenuGuiComponent, MessageViewer, ModalInternalFrame, RegionListDisplay, TestListener, TreeDisplay, TreeDisplay, UpdateParty, Viewer

public interface IGuiComponent
extends IComponent

This interface must be implemented by components wishing to be used in the gswing GUI.

Method Summary
 boolean initialise(IDesktopManagement desktopManager)
          Initialise the component.
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boolean initialise(IDesktopManagement desktopManager)
Initialise the component. Through this method, components will get access to the framework and the desktop manager reference.

desktopManager - The desktop manager.
True if component has been successfully initialised.

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