Package org.gswing.gui

Package contains gswing gui packages.


Class Summary
About Defines the About box.
AddElectionGui Purpose: GUI for inserting election instances into the database.
CandidateSelector Dialog for selecting a single candidate from a list candidates from the database.
CandidateSelector.CandidateModel Models the candidate list.
CloseConnection Class deals with closing the database connection from the GUI menu option.
DbAccessGui Purpose: Dialogue that displays the database protocol and allows the user to insert a password for that database.
DbMenu Class represents a menu component that has a database connection but no graphical reresentation.
DbUpgrader The GUI's datbase upgrade functionality.
Exit Class deals with the closing down of the GUI.
GuiComponent Base class for all gui components.
Help Represents the on-line help set.
InsertCandidate Dialog for inserting a single candidate into the database.
InsertParty GUI for inserting/modifying party instances into the database.
InsertPartyLeader Dialog for inserting a party leader for a particular election.
MenuComponent Base class for all non GUI menu components.
MenuGuiComponent Gui component deriving from a menu.
ModalInternalFrame Modal component gui.
TreeDisplay Dialogue box containing a single item tree view, a message and an OK and cancel button.
UpdateParty Same functionality as InsertParty with different label.
Viewer GUI container that holds the gswing viewer.

Package org.gswing.gui Description

Package contains gswing gui packages.

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