Class DbToCsv

  extended by org.gswing.components.output.exporter.AbstractDbToFile
      extended by org.gswing.components.output.exporter.DbToCsv
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DbToCsv
extends AbstractDbToFile

Purpose: Writes election data from the database to a CSV file.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.gswing.components.output.exporter.AbstractDbToFile
constituencyNo, CSV, DATA, dbAccess, election, results, SPACE, targetDir, UNDERSCORE, XML
Constructor Summary
DbToCsv(IFramework framework, String gswingHome, boolean uploadFiles)
Method Summary
 void writeFile()
          Write the election data to comma separated file.
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doExport, export, getFileName, getLogger
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Constructor Detail


public DbToCsv(IFramework framework,
               String gswingHome,
               boolean uploadFiles)

framework - The main Framework object.
gswingHome - The path where gswing is installed.
uploadFiles - Should files be uploaded to server ?
Method Detail


public void writeFile()
Write the election data to comma separated file.

Specified by:
writeFile in class AbstractDbToFile

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