Package org.gswing.components.common

Package contains the classes common to gswing components.


Interface Summary
IDbAccessCallback Contract for classes wishing database access.
ISelectionSource Constituency navigation selection source.

Class Summary
AbstractMain Purpose: Common main class.
AbstractMainMenu Purpose: Abstract class used for creating command line applications that require GUI input.
AllResults Purpose: Stores the results for an entire election.
Candidate Purpose: Represents a single candidate standing in an election.
Constituency Represents a electoral constituency.
ConstituencyEntry Purpose: Represents an election constituency result entry.
DbXmlWriter Purpose: Writes election data to an XML file.
Election Purpose: Class represents a single election.
Entry Purpose: Represents an election result entry.
FptpVote Purpose: Represents a vote in a First Past the Post election.
ListEntry Purpose: Represents an election list result entry.
ListVote Purpose: Represents a vote in a List election..
Misc Purpose: Miscellaneous utility class for the common package.
OverallResult Purpose: Represents an overall result for an election.
Party Purpose: Represents a political party.
Properties Purpose: Reads the properties files and sets global properties.
Result Purpose: Represents a single constituency or regional result.
ResultKey Purpose: Class defines a unique election result instance, that is the constituency, date and type of an election result.
ResultList Purpose: Represents a list of constituencies or a list of regions.
SelectionHandler Generic handler for constituency tree navigation.
SimpleConstituency A simple constituency is a constituency that knows nothing about its parent constituency.
Vote Purpose: Abstract class provides what the attributes that each vote should consist of.

Package org.gswing.components.common Description

Package contains the classes common to gswing components.

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