gSwing is free software for viewing election results and a collection of tools for maintaining the data. It shows the perfomance of the main parties in elections over a number of years in a series of charts and graphs. gSwing is written in java.

gSwing is open source and platform independent.  The current version of gSwing is 0.7.


28.10.2008 - gSwing 0.7 is released - see release notes for what is new.


The main purpose of gSwing is to view election results on web pages. The Viewer is a Java applet that can be embedded in an html document or run from an appletviewer.
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The viewer displays the following information:

Votes Cast

Share of the Vote

Percentage Change


The runtime election results are stored in compressed serialised files (created by the Exporter).  The viewer reads these files across the internet, network or from a local machine and uses the data to draw the four canvases.

Current Websites:



The offline election results are stored in an SQL database. These results can be manually populated by Inserter.

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The Importer is a command line tool that:

Reads comma separated files (normally exported from a spreadsheet) containing election results and saves the data to an 'extended' EML standard XML file.

Reads the XML files and populates the SQL database.


The Exporter is a command line tool that:

Creates the runtime serialised files used by the Viewer.

Creates XML files from the data stored in the SQL database.

Creates CSV files from the data stored in the SQL database.


Warning, gSwing is currently in development, is buggy and may require some work to set up. However, you are welcome to download it and set up your own election database. Please email me any updates you make to the code, suggestions or comments.
Good luck.


Java SDK 1.4 or greater.

Operating System

Linux / Unix (the only thing that is OS specific is the start up scripts and it should be easy to create your own, please email me the scripts you create so others get the benefit from them)


Postgresql or Mysql. The download includes (an old) Postgresql and Mysql JDBC database driver, I would welcome people trying other databases.


This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions; see the GNU General Public License for details.

Current Version:



Release Notes

User Manual is available with download.

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George Hamilton, Scotland.
Prajeesh Kumar, India.
Dorothy Phoenix, USA.

Many thanks to Francis Laidoowoo, France, for help with the web site.


Please email me any bugs, fixes, comments or suggestions.

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