Release Notes

Rel-0.7 28.10.2008

Viewer graph is now scrollable.

Added ability to export party and election lists as XML.

FTP to server functionality added.

Build system moved to Maven.

Code base moved to Java 1.5.

Rel-0.6 14.04.2007

First fully working version of the new GUI.

Stand-alone Viewer can now be run with JRE.

On-line documentation added.

Rel-0.5 07.11.2006

Local election functionality added.

Ward votes totalled for council seats count.

Rel-0.4 07.03.2006

Single constituency national election functionality added.

Elections of different types on the same day now supported.

New candidate list table in viewer.

New-look bordered viewer.

  Rel-0.3 25.05.2005

Regional results functionality added to all components.

Tested with Mysql.  JDBC driver included in installation.

Votes table modified - do a createDb.

Include script for generating tar/zip files for gSwing on the desktop.

Remove javadocs from delivery tar file, instead include section in manual for generating javadocs.

  Rel-0.2.1 20.10.2004

Fix for bug that rendered the Share of the Vote canvas on the Viewer invisible

  Rel-0.2 18.10.2004


Convert CSV to XML implemented.

Import from XML to database implemented.


Export database to XML file implemented.

Export database to CSV file implemented.

Tool created for generating the database schema.


New Add Election option.

Party names and colours now configurable.

Javadocs now available.

  Rel-0.1 06.09.2004

Initial Release.